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Bridal Style 2012

Selecting your hairstyle for your wedding day can be another task you need to check off your list.  There of 100s of different styles available.  To begin, you need your dress.  After you find the perfect bridal gown, decide whether you want your hair down, up, or half-up.  Think about the vision and style you are wanting for your wedding.  Do you want a casual affair? elegant? vintage? country chic?  Also, consider the environment in which you are having the ceremony and reception.  When looking at hairstyles for your wedding day, you can choose from many different styles and images or create your own.  To highlight a few options for down hairstyles you can opt for loose waves, vintage inspiration, or curls.

Loose Waves or natural - perfect for an outdoor or casual wedding!

Down Hairstyle

Down Hairstyle 2

Vintage Inspired - classic and glamorous with finger curls or vintage accessories!

Down Hairstyle 4

Down Hairstyle 3

Curls - to add a classic texture to your hair style you can never go wrong with curls!

Down Hairstyle 5

Down Hairstyle 6

Have fun!  Ask a friend or have a professional stylist consult with you and consider different options.  Don't hesitate to contact us here at Vintage&Lace for additional information!

Have a great day! Heather

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